Monday, December 28, 2009

My Wondercube: the tissue box baby toy

Lately ni aku suka sangat tengok toys yang U.K or U.S keluarkan sebab unik. Contohnya macam toys kat atas tu. Ni antara explanation pasal toys tu:

My Wondercube replicates the fun babies and toddlers have pulling tissues from a box and stuffing them back in. At first I thought, oh how dumb. But no, it’s not as if you’re going to give your baby a real tissue box. Wonderube is so simple, so brilliant.

The toy consists of a fabric cube with fabric swatches stuffed inside. The cubes comes in three styles — organic cotton jersey, fairtrade organic woven cotton and a wooden cube. The fabric cubes are machine washable and rated from birth on up. The wooden cube is rated for 2-year-olds (which isn’t so strange, see below).

Each cube style differs in artwork and the number of swatches included, 4, 5 or 6 pieces. Some swatches make crinkly noises, others offer differing textures such as silk, corduroy, velvet and denim. Best of all, the swatches can be linked together at their Velcro corners, creating a magician pulling scarves from a hat effect.
Tapi ada juga yang bagi respon yang agak kreatif. Boleh tengok kat sini:


  1. salam, tertarik dgn tissue box baby toy nih... sbb anak sy mmg minat main tisu dgn box nyer skali....mana nk beli nih?

  2. tu la Ibudhani. tak tahu kat mana ada jual kan. tapi mayb boleh cuba homemade version tu :)