Monday, December 28, 2009

Bye-bye Bottle: Breastfeeding Baby Dolls are Here

Ni satu lagi toys yang agak advance. Bebe Gloton is a infant doll made by Berjuan, a toy maker in Spain, for the express purpose of promoting breastfeeding. The idea is to impress upon kids that breastfeeding is natural.

Your child wears a colorful bra-like halter-top featuring flowers over the nipple area. When the doll is lifted to the flowers, it makes a suckling motion and sound. When your child’s flower nipples grow sore and cracked, either the baby cries for more, or beckons to be burped.

Here is a Spanish video report and a second video report that provide a sense of how the doll functions. The second is better, but is tucked behind a 30 second commercial.

This gluttonous baby is 50 cm (19.6 inches) long, the average length of a real newborn and is available in either gender. The dolls retail for about 44 Euro.

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