Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Perkembangan Bayi (Minggu ke 29 & 30)

Week 29
Mother: Your baby is growing; your body is growing also! You probably have the feeling that your internal organs are pushed away. Well, in a way, they are. If you feel uncomfortable it will most often be because of your back and legs. Your lungs will only be able to take in a smaller amount of air, making you get out of breath faster.
Baby: As your baby is growing, she or he is now starting to make smaller moves, because the available space becomes less and less. The baby’s bone marrow in now the only source of the production of red blood cells and she or he is starting to regulate the body temperature. The baby urinates directly in the amniotic fluid, about half a liter per day! She or he weighs about 1.15 kg.

Week 30

Mother: Your baby is growing and so are you. Of course your pregnancy is straining your body and it can make you feel tired and uncomfortable. It is important to constantly keep a good posture, because it will decrease your pregnancy related complaints. As always, it is a very good idea to exercise. This will increase your energy level and also your stamina for the delivery of your baby. Make sure you don’t overdo it, but do go for a brisk walk or a swim. Yoga is also very good throughout your pregnancy. Stretching regularly will definitely make you feel better.

Baby: Your growing baby is more aware of what is happening around her or him than you might think. The uterus may seem like a dark and quiet place, but your baby will actually experience light and darkness, depending on your environment. As you know by now, your baby is able to hear also! If you are able to make out your baby’s sleep and wake cycles you may find that she or he chooses the wake up when you want to sleep. Don’t worry; this is not an indication of a sleepless newborn. If you experience the Braxton Hicks Contractions you may use them to practise what you’ve picked up in pregnancy classes. Your baby will, in that case, notice the contractions but will not be bothered by them. Your baby weighs about 1.4 kg and measures 36 to 38 cm now.

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